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Our Career Guidance involves a professional approach towards creating a brighter future for the following people looking for a complete Career Excellence.

8 to 12 class

Helping School students to choose the right Career so that the base is laid at the very beginning.

UG /PG students

The most Crucial time to invest time and thoughts to choose the right career path.

Working Executives/Career Breaks

The most important phase where the need is to grow in the career.

Career Specific Guidance

People looking for industry specific guidance and counselling .


If your questions are...


  1. Do you need Career Counselling?

  2. Are you confused about your career path?

  3. Do you know what career to choose ?

  4. Are you aware of your potential with respect to your career choice?

  5. Do you feel that you need to know what to do?

  6. Are you confused as in how to get Success in your career ?

  7. Do you feel that you need to know about your career path?

Then your answer is YES and you need assistance of what to choose, why to choose and how to choose and succeed

via our CA2IT Format for self analysis. 


What is CA2IT?

  • CA2IT is our special 5 step program i.e. Career COUNSELLING Chats to ASSESS potential & ADVISE profession for mentoring on INDUSTRY specific TRAINING

Why CA2IT Methodology for career mentorship?

  • CA2IT is designed to help you get CLARITY on YOUR CAREER CHOICE!!!!

LEARNEDGE CA2IT methodology and how it works:


STEP 1:- Career chats with professional counselor to know the interest.

STEP 2:- Scientific assessments and psychometric test for accurate career options.

STEP3:- Analytical counselling  (a chat to ensure that interest and science can meet and conclude) With our Expert                career counsellors

STEP 4:- Industry volunteer mentoring (connecting with people of the industry i.e. INDUSTRY MENTOR)

STEP 5:- Helping via different career tools to get learning and gain knowledge about the career i.e.                internet research, webinars, Training and Development.

1. Chats with the counselor

Why chatting?

As its important for us to understand your interests.

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